Custom Wiring Harness

New energy vehicle connectors

Jul 31, 2023

1. Product application introduction: Generally used in engines, instrument panels, car doors, batteries, car audio and video, light lines, etc.

2. Product features: high temperature resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, high conductivity, safety, low loss, long life, reliability, applicability, high voltage and current withstand capability

3. Technical specifications: New energy vehicle connectors can be divided into two types: high voltage and weak current according to their transmission speed and power.

4. Performance advantages: Efficient data transmission capability, the connector has sufficient surface pressure capability to ensure stability and reliability during the plug-in connection process, and has good insulation performance and conductive performance

5. Environmental protection features: Comply with EU ROHS2.0 environmental standards and automotive environmental standards

6. Application cases: Generally used in engines, instrument panels, car doors, batteries, car audio and video, light lines, etc.

7. Safety compliance: possesses UL safety certification, environmental protection certification, ISO quality system certification, Comply with relevant standards and specifications for electric vehicle wiring harnesses

8. Customization options: Different lengths of cables, different types of connectors, voltages, currents, etc. can be customized

9. Maintenance and upkeep: Check whether the connections and lines are loose, do not exceed the rated voltage and current, check the appearance of the connector to ensure that the connector is free of corrosion, damage and other abnormalities, and conduct regular in-depth inspections of transmission performance, stability and reliability.

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