Custom Wiring Harness

Energy Storage Application

Jul 31, 2023

1: Product application introduction:

1. Grid-level large-scale energy storage: mainly refers to energy storage system products used on the power generation side and transmission and distribution side of the power system. Upstream entities in the industry provide energy storage equipment and energy storage batteries and other components required for energy storage systems. Midstream entities The main body develops and produces grid-level large-scale energy storage system products, and the downstream products are mainly centralized energy storage power stations for product application.

2. Home/industrial and commercial energy storage: Home and industrial and commercial energy storage products mainly refer to energy storage system products used on the user side in the power system. They are generally used in conjunction with distributed photovoltaics to maximize self-consumption of power, peak shaving and valley filling, and capacity. management needs. Maximization of self-consumption of electricity: If the power generated by distributed photovoltaics installed by users cannot be fully absorbed, it can be stored in the energy storage system and then discharged and used when needed, thereby increasing the proportion of self-consumption and self-consumption. At the same time, in areas with unstable power supply, self-consumption can improve the reliability of electricity consumption.

3. Communication energy storage: Mainly refers to communication energy storage products used for backup power supply of communication base stations. The backup power supply system of communication base stations has high requirements on reliability and stability, so batteries are generally used as backup power sources to ensure continuous power supply. Due to its mature technology, low cost, and wide operating temperature range, valve-regulated lead-acid batteries have become the mainstream technology route for 4G base station backup power supplies.

4. Portable energy storage: As the name suggests, portable energy storage is a form of energy storage that is easy to carry and use. It is mainly based on outdoor lithium battery power supply. Portable outdoor energy storage can meet people's needs in outdoor activities. Various power needs.


2: Product features:

The energy storage harness has a high current carrying capacity, and the energy storage connector can handle high current, achieving efficient energy transmission and reducing power loss.

1. High heat resistance

2. High conductivity

3. Waterproof design

4. Wear resistance

5. Flame retardant

6. Anti-interference

7. Noise reduction

8. Color diversity


3: Technical specifications:

1. Temperature range:-20℃ - 200℃

2. Flame retardant grade: VW-1

3. Material: PVC, Silica gel, Teflon, Halogen-free wire, TPE, PE

4. Rated voltage: 300-6000V

5. Contact resistance: ≤0.015Ω

6. Insulation resistance: greater than ≥1000Ω

7. Withstand voltage: 1500V.AC/1MIN


4: Performance advantages:

1. Durable

2. Long shelf life

3. High temperature resistance


5.Environmental protection features:

Use environmentally friendly materials, such as: PVC, silicone, nylon, etc.


6. Application cases: One of the products in Megatank is a household emergency all-in-one energy storage power supply cabinet with 5 kWh to 20 kWh. The company's products are sold well in Africa, Europe and other regions. In the early stage of the cooperation, we cooperated with all-in-one home unit cabinets to solve electrical connection issues, and promptly solved the overall wiring harness solution, and became the main partner.


7.Safety compliance: CCC certification, UL safety certification, environmental certification


8.Customization options: Different lengths of cables, different types of connectors, voltages, currents, etc. can be customized


9.Maintenance and maintenance:

1. Regularly check the degree of damage of components

2. Regularly clean the dust on the wiring harness and connectors


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