Custom Wiring Harness

Medical Equipment Application

Jul 31, 2023

1: Product application introduction:

1. Internal wiring of medical equipment

Comply with ROHS2.0 requirements. Does not contain phthalates. The product is reliable in use.

2. Non-invasive monitoring medical wiring harness

In addition to the above requirements, it has tear resistance and corrosion resistance from commonly used medical disinfection solvents () and has passed certain biological toxicity tests and skin allergy tests. ) Resistant to bending, voltage resistance and interference resistance.

3. Medical wiring harness for invasive surgery

It comes into contact with human body fluids, meets general environmental protection requirements, and is biocompatible. It has passed biological toxicity tests, skin allergy tests, is resistant to sterilization with ethylene oxide, isopropyl alcohol, alcohol and other disinfectant solutions, and has passed FDA resistance. Leakage test, service life reliability test and other requirements.

4. Blood transfusion grade medical wiring harness

In addition to biological toxicity, skin allergies, and biocompatibility, the reaction between infusion products and plastic additives must also be considered. Different liquids have different formulation requirements. Depending on the length of infusion time, the requirements for materials are also different.

2. Product features:

1. High heat resistance

2. High conductivity

3. Waterproof design

4. Wear resistance

5. Flame retardant

6. Anti-interference

7. Noise reduction

8. Waterproof

3. Technical specifications:

1. Temperature range: -20℃ - 200℃

2. Flame retardant grade: VW-1

3. Material: PVC, Silica gel, Teflon, Halogen-free wire, TPE, PE

4. Rated voltage: 300-6000V

5. Contact resistance: ≤0.015Ω

6. Insulation resistance: greater than ≥1000Ω

7. Withstand voltage: 1500V.AC/1MIN

4. Performance advantages:

1. Durable

2. Long shelf life

3. High temperature resistance

5.Environmental protection features:

Use environmentally friendly materials, such as: PVC, silicone, nylon, etc.

6. Application cases: Medical equipment: ventilators, heart rate monitors, monitors, anesthesia machines, digital ultrasound machines, blood/biochemical analyzers, radiological imaging equipment, etc.;

7.Safety compliance: CCC certification, UL safety certification, environmental certification

8.Customization options:

Cables of different lengths, different types of connectors, voltages, currents, etc. can be customized. 

9. Maintenance and care:

3. Regularly check the degree of damage of components

4. Regularly clean the dust on the wiring harness and connectors

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