Custom Wiring Harness

Solar Panel Connectors and Cables

Jul 31, 2023

1. Product application introduction: Generally used in solar photovoltaic module connections, solar photovoltaic power stations, solar hydrogen production and fuel cell regenerative power generation systems,equipment power supply, satellites, spacecrafts, space solar power stations, etc.

2. Product features: high temperature resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, high conductivity, weather resistance, low resistance, low loss, long life, high voltage and current withstand capability

3. Technical specifications: The rated voltage is generally 1000-1500v, and the tolerable temperature range needs to be stable between -40℃ - 90℃

4. Performance advantages: Efficient conversion not only ensures stable and reliable electrical connections between photovoltaic modules, but also adapts to complex outdoor environments.

5. Environmental protection features: MaterialXLPE irradiated Wiring Harness

6. Application cases: Photovoltaic power stations: 10KW-50MW independent photovoltaic power stations, wind and solar (diesel) complementary power stations, various large parking plant charging stations, solar panels, outdoor energy storage, grid paralleling cabinets, etc.

7. Safety compliance: UL safety certification, environmental protection certification, ISO quality system certification、TUV safety certification

8. Customization options: Different lengths of cables, different types of connectors, voltages, currents, etc. can be customized

9. Maintenance and upkeep: Clean the surface of photovoltaic modules regularly, check whether connections and circuits are loose, check whether brackets are deformed, check the operation of the inverter, record and analyze power generation data, conduct regular inspections, and do not exceed the rated voltage and current.

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