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TE Connectivity's "Industry Technology Index" Annual Report

May 07, 2024

TE Connectivity's "Industry Technology Index" Annual Report: The Chinese market's optimism about AI technology and commitment to sustainable development rank among the top in the world

Schaffhausen, Switzerland – April 30, 2024 – Corporate executives and engineers in the global technology industry are optimistic about artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as “AI”) and sustainable development in general; but they are still unsure about the advancement of their companies The best path for AI and sustainable development.

These insights come from the 2024 Industry Technology Index from TE Connectivity (TE), a global industry technology leader in connectivity and sensing. TE conducted a survey of 1,000 respondents from multiple industries in China, Germany, India, Japan and the United States. Based on the survey results, TE released its second annual report on the current status of innovation.

TE CEO Terrence Curtin said: "TE has invested significant resources in sustainability and AI, and we know other companies are doing the same. We wanted to explore how these two trends affect the innovation process, and how innovation can reflect To move both forward, we found that managers who set company goals and engineers who are responsible for achieving those goals still need to work together to achieve them successfully."

The results of this survey indicate that executives and engineers are divided on the implementation of AI. Three-quarters of executives believe engineers should be responsible for driving AI implementation; however, 68% of engineers want leadership to develop a clearer implementation plan. When asked about short-term plans, 79% of engineers and executives expect their companies to increase investment in AI training within the next three years. Respondents in the Chinese market are particularly optimistic about integrating AI within the enterprise and understand the competitive advantages that AI will bring (China - 90% vs. Global - 70%). But at the same time, Chinese engineers are also more worried about whether their companies can use AI responsibly (China-48% vs. global-33%).

In response to questions about their company's sustainability practices, most engineers expressed a strong passion for the environment. 87% of engineers believe it is personally important to them to support solutions to climate change at work. This sentiment runs deep among the engineering community: 34% of engineers said they would leave their job if their organization did not provide opportunities to support sustainability initiatives. Survey data shows that executives need to do more to instill confidence in the engineering community. Because when asked whether they are satisfied with their company's sustainability plans, executives are five percentage points more satisfied than engineers.

Focusing on the Chinese market, research shows that sustainable development is very important to Chinese companies. Chinese respondents are more likely to believe that sustainable development is “extremely important” (China-69% vs. Global-53%) and believe that their companies have integrated sustainable development into corporate culture (China-84% vs. Global-76 %). In addition, the Chinese market also has the highest recognition rate for "Companies provide employees with clear sustainable development goals or implementation frameworks" (China-73% vs. Global-61%).

To view the full version of the 2024 Industry Technology Index and analytical insights from TE’s team of managers and engineers, please visit:






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Headquartered in Switzerland, TE Connectivity (hereinafter referred to as "TE") is a global industry technology leader committed to creating a more secure, sustainable, efficient and connected future. TE's broad range of connectivity and sensing solutions enable the transmission of power, signals and data, continuing to drive the development of next-generation transportation, renewable energy, automated factories, data centers, medical technology and more. TE has more than 85,000 employees worldwide, of which more than 8,000 are engineers, and cooperates with customers in nearly 140 countries around the world. TE believes in "EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS". For more information, please visit or follow TE’s official WeChat account “TE Connectivity”.

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