Custom Wiring Harness

Classification and Application of Automotive Connector Connection Interfaces

Nov 16, 2023

Automotive wiring harness is the "central nervous system" used to connect automobile circuits. It is a transmission carrier for various energy sources and signals. It is spread across various functional components of the automobile and is the lifeblood of the automobile's network. A connector is an electrical module or unit connected between wire harnesses or electrical appliances, providing a convenient and reliable electrical installation interface for electrical connection. Connectors are usually divided into plug connectors and socket connectors, including adapted plug/socket terminals, plug/socket jackets, and also include CPA structure, TPA structure or PLR structure, and some seals also have seals Rings or sealing plugs and other connection accessories. Of course, in addition to the commonly used connector connections, the wire harnesses are also directly connected through U-shaped joints or ultrasonic welding.

Connections are divided into three categories according to their working principles: form-locking connections, friction-locking connections and material-locking connections. Form-locking connections refer to mutual locking through the shapes of connected parts or additional fixed parts to create The connection function is such as the hole-making bolt connection, the snap hook connection; the friction lock connection refers to the compression of the connected parts to generate friction on the contact surface to prevent the relative movement of the connected parts to achieve the purpose of connection, such as withstanding Tight bolt connections and interference connections that understand directional loads; material locking connections refer to applying fluorine additional materials between the connected parts or connecting parts together through the force between molecules, such as gluing, welding, etc.

Connections are divided into detachable connections and non-detachable connections based on detachability. A detachable connection is a connection that can be disassembled without destroying any part of the connection. Therefore, repeated disassembly and assembly will not affect its performance. For example, the connection of a plug connector is basically a detachable connection. A non-detachable connection is a connection that must be destroyed to break apart at least a certain part of the connection. For example, the connection between the double-layer terminal steel clip and the body, the connection between the terminal and the wire harness, the U-shaped connection or welding between the wire harness and the wire harness are all non-detachable connections.

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