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TE Connectivity and New H3C Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Nov 15, 2023

Recently, TE Connectivity (hereinafter referred to as "TE"), a global industry technology leader in the field of connectivity and sensing, and New H3C Group (hereinafter referred to as "New H3C") signed a sensor-related strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the research and development and implementation of industrial sensor solutions, industrial Internet technology incubation, talent training and exchanges, etc., with a view to creating differentiated products and market advantages and better serving the digital and intelligent transformation needs of various industries. Mr. Joseph A Karim, Vice President of Global Sales, Customer Service and Business Development of TE Sensor Division, and Mr. Li Li, Vice President and Chief Scientist of New H3C Group attended the signing ceremony. Currently, various industries such as industry, medical care, and transportation are undergoing digital and intelligent changes. As a "bridge" connecting the physical world and the digital world, sensors are the starting point for digitalization and intelligence in all walks of life. TE is committed to creating high-precision, high-reliability, high-performance, and high-quality innovative sensor solutions to help customers in various industries accelerate digital and intelligent development. Currently, TE's connection and sensor solutions have been widely used in intelligent transportation, industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, energy infrastructure, medical equipment and other industries, covering industrial status monitoring, robots and collaborative robots, minimally invasive medical care, and automotive electric drives. and other key applications.

New H3C Group is a leader in digital solutions. It has comprehensive digital infrastructure capabilities such as computing, storage, network, 5G, security, and terminals, and provides cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, information security, and intelligent connectivity. , edge computing, etc.; provides support for digital transformation practices in various industries such as medical care, transportation, manufacturing, energy, Internet, construction, etc., and its products and solutions are widely used in more than 100 countries and regions.

This time, TE and H3C have reached a cooperation. The two parties will jointly incubate new industrial sensor products and joint solutions for industrial scenarios such as oil and gas, chemical industry, rail transit, energy, mining, biomedicine, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, etc., and focus on Carry out in-depth cooperation in the promotion of joint achievements and talent training, and work together to create differentiated overall product solutions and market competitive advantages.

Mr. Li Li, Vice President and Chief Scientist of New H3C Group, pointed out that precise monitoring of equipment and production through new industrial sensors can provide an important basis for subsequent data analysis and decision-making: "Through sensing, Internet of Things, control and platforms, etc. With technological innovation and integration, we will further reshape the industrial economy."

Mr. Joseph A Karim, Vice President of Global Sales, Customer Service and Business Development of TE's Sensor Division, said that TE is committed to creating a safer, sustainable, efficient and interconnected future, which is in line with the new H3C's "Integrated Digital Future and Shared Beauty" Life” vision coincides with the same. “We believe that by fully integrating the technological, market and other advantageous resources of both parties and continuously innovating and deepening the cooperation model, TE and H3C will be able to provide better and more adequate support for the digital and intelligent development of customers in various industries and accelerate the development of high-tech industries. Quality development adds bricks and mortar.”

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