Custom Wiring Harness

Smart Technology customized high-current plug wiring harnesses for Huabao Xinneng, which was recognized by customers and exclusively provides in-machine wiring services.

Oct 27, 2023

Huabao Xinneng (JACKREY) is a leading brand in the global portable energy storage vertical field and an A-share listed company. Its main products are portable energy storage and solar panels. Smart Technology has established a cooperative relationship with Huabao New Energy since 2010, providing in-machine wiring services for its energy storage products.

     In 2022, when customers develop 2000W products, they will need high-current plug wiring harnesses. The implementation bottlenecks are: 1. The scarcity of high-current connector resources, 2. The reliability of riveting between the wire harness and the connector, and 3. The need to customize the color of the outer cover of the wire harness.

     Because of the large bottleneck of the wiring harness, the customer discussed technical issues with many well-known companies in the industry at the same time, and Smart Technology was one of them. We provide three well-known brands and models of high-current connectors at home and abroad for customers to choose from. At the same time, in order to match customer needs, we developed a new riveting mold for this wire harness and adjusted the outer cover color according to customer requirements. We communicated with customers in depth on technology and appearance standards, and finally provided samples within the time required by customers.

     Thanks to our reliable process capabilities, quick response, high-quality services and strong supply chain system, our efforts have been recognized by customers. This project is exclusively provided by Smart Technology and has received in-machine wiring services in other projects. Give priority to cooperation.

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