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New Year's Day: Seize the tail of 2023, embrace yourself, and heal yourself.

Dec 26, 2023

A new year is approaching,Smart Connections Ltd. sends you New Year's Day wishes and New Year's Day holiday notice.

"Happy New Year's Day" to all the staff of Smart Connections Ltd, thank you! And to everyone in the world who is trying to live a healthy and happy life, I wish you all the best.

Time is an amazing thing, when people are happy, they don't feel it passing, but when they are in pain, every second seems so long. What have you lost or gained in 2023? In September 2023, we started to prepare for the creation of "Smart Connections", a new foreign trade company, headed by Betty, a leader that all of our employees trust 100%. She is a warm, cheerful person who is willing to accept a lot of new things. When I didn't hear about her experience, I just thought she was a down-to-earth leader, but after hearing her story and her encounter, I know what a responsible person she is. She told us that life is hard and you will encounter a lot of pitfalls, and you won't meet good people all the time, but I will try my best to help you if you have a need. She is the support we can bravely move forward with. If you want to read her story, keep following us.

We are like a bundle of wires, and time is like an electric current that passes through each of us as we each play our part. And in 2023, people are creating new things in the world of connectors as well.

DigiKey has won four MarCom Awards in the 2023 International Creative Competition for Marketing and Communications Professionals, including two Platinum Awards (top honors) for Brand Renewal and Brand Anthem Video, a Gold Award for Logo Renewal, and an Honorable Mention in the Web Placement category. One of the oldest, largest and most respected creative competitions in the world, the MarCom Awards recognize outstanding achievement by creative professionals in the conception, direction, design and production of marketing and communications materials and programs.

Smiths Interconnect has been awarded £1,907,065 from the UK Space Agency through its Space Cluster Infrastructure Fund (SCIF) Smiths Interconnect will use the funding to enhance its Space Qualification Laboratory, a state-of-the-art facility in Dundee that simulates the extreme conditions of space -- one of the harshest environments known to man -- to ensure the quality and durability of space components. From simulating the extreme vibration and shock environments of a launch, to surviving the extreme temperature fluctuations experienced during a space flight, the lab has a full range of capabilities that will be heavily invested in through a SCIF grant.A key objective for Smiths Interconnect is to reduce the time-to-market and manufacturing costs of its radio frequency (RF) and optical components. This will be accomplished by developing new in-house digital manufacturing capabilities and expanding production through automation of the manufacturing process, assembly, and testing of products. RF and optical components are essential for space exploration and provide critical communications and data transmission capabilities in deep space.

The top solutions of the Single-Pair Ethernet Design Competition launched by the SPE Industrial Partner Network in March 2023 were announced at SPS (Smart Production Solutions) 2023, which is designed to support exciting pilot projects based on Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE). The competition was organized by the SPE Industrial Partner Network together with HARTING Technology Group, Würth Elektronik eiSos, Sparkfun, Analog Devices and DigiKey. The winners were divided into three categories: Best Industrial Application, Most Sustainable Application (Environment) and Creative Scenarios. After submitting and reviewing their project ideas, applicants received an SPE Developer Board from Sparkfun Electronics as a common basis for development. The type of application was not fixed. The jury received more than 70 project ideas, 21 of which made it to the final judging. The winner of the award for the best industrial application was the SPE 10BASE-T1L gateway IO link from Belden Deutschland Gmbh. The winner of the Most Sustainable Application (Environment) was Magnetic Communication Corp. for its implementation of an agricultural control system via SPE Magcom, a closed-loop SPE system designed to protect the environment and utilize SPE's capabilities for remote data transfer, robust connectivity and efficient energy use. Awards were given to the three best solutions in the Creative Scenarios category, designed to illustrate the technical feasibility of SPE even outside of typical industrial applications.A full list of winners and projects is available on the SPE Industrial Partner Network website.

Time flies, please catch it and do something make youself happy. “Happy New Year's Day!” in advance.All of our employees will be on vacation for one day on 2023.1.01. If you have urgent matters, you can still contact me.


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