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New connectivity products for October 2023

Dec 06, 2023

TERMSERIES-COMPACT modules from Weidmüller USA are versatile all-rounders based on terminal design. These cutting-edge relay modules are extremely compact, with a width of just 6.4 mm and a low height, making them perfect for any low cabinet box. They can be customized to suit space-saving needs in applications requiring normally open contact versions or fused relay output versions. With TERMSERIES-COMPACT, no additional fused terminal blocks are required. These relays can be installed anywhere, even in environments with severe vibrations. Since they have the same profile as the tried-and-tested TERMSERIES series, all accessories from this series can be used in applications such as cross-connections.

Smiths Interconnect has added high-density options to its established range of D-type connectors for the medical segment. There is a growing need for high-density electrical connectors in medical devices, driven by the size, weight and functional requirements of the devices. Due to the increasing popularity of portable and patient wearable devices, connector size and weight are becoming increasingly important in this field. The new D04 connector leverages the versatility of the D Series to provide reliable interconnect solutions for applications requiring high density, high cycle life and ease of assembly. With the addition of the D04 connector, the series now includes a high-density configuration capable of high contact count, up to 10,000 cycles, ease of use and proven electrical performance. The new D04 connector features a pin and socket configuration with an insulation resistance greater than 500 MOhm at 5000 VDC. Due to this additional configuration, the D-Series complies with the electrical requirements of EIA-364-05 to 70 test procedures (Electronic Industries Alliance) and uses low-resistance pin and socket technology, which provides advantages over spring probe counterparts.

Newark introduces new cutting-edge Ethernet switches, terminal blocks, panel meters and more. These new additions enable customers to easily advance industrial machinery, tools and technology. They include Red Lion NT5000 Series Gigabit Managed Layer 2 Industrial Ethernet Switches providing organizations with clear, comprehensive and fast network management tools; Weidmüller Klippon Connect-SNAP IN terminal blocks innovative, fast and easy to use Wires, simply plug into the connection point; Trumeter APM Series Panel Meters Visible and easy-to-use programmable panel meters with a variety of options that can be set up using APM software. In the spirit of delivering the most advanced and cutting-edge products, Newark also enhances product traceability by providing date and lot number tracking for over 70,000 of its best-selling board-level assemblies, including the latest industrial products.

The ODU is built on the proven MEDI-SNAP connector, capable of transmitting high voltages. Pure high voltage connectors and combinations of higher voltages (up to 5kV peak voltage) with signals in mixed configurations are possible. These are combined in a rugged and reliable design. The connector is autoclavable. If the cable and the entire cable assembly are designed accordingly, they can continue to be reused in sterile medical environments, thus ensuring the highest hygiene standards. Other sterilization methods commonly used in the medical field are also possible. These connectors ensure reliable power transfer and help make treatment procedures safer and more effective in applications such as ablation catheters, shock wave therapy and piezoelectric ceramic applications. ODU MEDI-SNAP high voltage connectors feature high mating cycles, compact design, high pin count, secure locking and the ability to carry high voltages and high pulse currents. The plastic outer shell and internal conductive material provide reliable insulation and meet the highest safety standards.

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