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LXH-XT60 car charging cable

Electric vehicle charging cables help reduce tailpipe emissions, help reduce air pollution and mitigate climate change. They can also be recharged using renewable energy, further reducing their carbon footprint.

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LXH-XT60 car charging cable

Charging cables enable you to charge at home or work, eliminating the hassle of frequent trips to the gas station. In addition, an increasing number of public charging stations provide more charging options for electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles generally have higher energy efficiency and can provide more driving range per unit of electricity, which helps reduce operating costs.


"2464#16 black outer quilt 2-core wire (red/black) rated voltage: 300V

Rated temperature: 80°C

Connector: XT60U-F(Z)/Cigarette lighter: LW-032


The color and length can be customized according to customer requirements question"


Why Choose Us?
Shenzhen Smart Connection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, integrating R&D, production, processing and sales of wiring harnesses for various electrical products. We have a professional scientific and technological research and development team, advanced production and inspection equipment, modern enterprise management, and strict quality assurance system. The company's products have passed UL safety certification and are widely used in various electrical products such as portable energy storage power supplies, household energy storage power supplies, industrial and commercial energy storage power supplies, lithium batteries, and industrial control boxes for sweeping robots.

After-sale Service:

  • Technical support online service provided.
  • OEM available.
  • Our product with test report and certification
  • Our product with 3 year warranty.

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1. Does it support the customization of wiring harness?

 Yes, customized color and length options are available upon request to meet the needs of different applications.


 2. Does it comply with relevant safety and certification standards?

 Yes, our wiring harnesses comply with industry standards, such as UL, CE, etc., and have passed strict safety certification.


3. How can I get more information on the technical details and customization options for these harnesses?

You can contact our sales team for more detailed information on technical details, customization options and quotations.



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