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ICH2023 Dongguan Connector Wire Harness Processing Exhibition Held from November 16th to 18th

Nov 02, 2023

With the rapid development of industries such as 5G communication, consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, Industry 4.0, optical storage and charging, and rail transit, it has directly driven the rapid growth of demand in China's connector cable harness market. After 12 years of development in Shenzhen, ICH Exhibition has become the most professional connector and wiring harness industry exhibition and business platform in South China. The scale of the exhibition has also shown a fission growth year by year. It has now become a major exhibition in 3C electronics, automotive manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, railway and rail transit, communication, semiconductors, robots, industrial automation, power electricians A professional event that buyers from major application industries such as optical storage and charging must visit every year!

On the eve of National Day, according to the exhibition organizer, the booth of ICH Dongguan Exhibition has been basically sold out. Some participating companies include: Huaao Rubber and Plastic, Qinda Electric Wire, Haoruituo, Haimingsheng Technology, Ruiling Automation, Yantai Automation, Huagaoxing, Puyate New Energy, Yueshun Electronics, Xinzhong Transmission, Saihong Hardware and Plastic, Hongyi Electronics, Dingxiang Electrical Appliances, Putian Technology, Qianwanxi Power, Dihong Connector, Ouka Industry, Zhuoma Intelligent Wenda Electronics, Yishan Automation, Rijin Electric Wire, Wenchang Electronics, Sansheng Intelligence, Liwei New Materials, Fuxingke Electronics, Yiqian Hardware and Plastic, Longyi Terminal, Dingcai New Materials, Shouyi Wire, Zhongliang Technology, Dawang Machinery, Kaima Identification, Telian Electronics, Eltek Precision, Leixinte Technology, Yangchuang Power, Chuanlian Electronics, Jiaocheng Ultrasonic, Yudianming Communication, Dingxiang Electrical Appliances, Shilong Fuhua Electronics, Chuangxin Connector Ruihua Automation, Jiade Electronics, Jinsu Precision Machinery, Mingzi Instruments, Sozhan Intelligence, Huisheng Precision, Xingkaitai Hardware, Zasu Injection Molding, Jiefa Electric, Jinchuang Electronics, Suifeng New Materials, Shanwei Electronics, Temilo Terminal, Deco Electric, Huienpu Intelligence, Youtong Plastic Welding, Yongchao New Materials, Xinrui Technology, McCarthen Electric, Ruike Technology, Yuewei Electric, Zhonglian Laser, Huifeng End, Haoke Electric, Shengye Technology Wanqiang Electronics, Jianhexing, Leyang Electric Appliances, Shuolai Electronics, Yitian Technology, Shengxinhe Electric, Chuangda Connector, Jixiang Connector, Yunhong Electronics, Huazhen Electric, Dino Electronics, Tianhai Electronics, Shide Technology, Rosenberg, and special exhibition areas for automotive wiring harness connectors (some exhibiting companies are ranked in no particular order)

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